Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Call Of The Wild?

The festival is being held at Lincolnshire Showground, Grange de Lings, Lincoln.  It is a stunning location and you can find out more about it on their official website.

Lincolnshire Showground Website

The full address for the venue is:
Lincolnshire Showground
Grange de Lings
Lincoln LN2 2NA

Pull of the A15 at Lincolnshire Showground Main Entrance. Just as you pass the Police Dog training centre, take a left and proceed along road were you will be directed to a parking area where you can unload and make your way to the security check point area for bag search and issue of correct wristbands etc.

How can I buy tickets for Call Of The Wild?

You can buy your tickets here  – BUY TICKETS

UPGRADES can be purchased on top of the Ticket purchase. Upgrades will include, pre-erected specialist Glamping options, VIP Upgrades etc. ALL campers including those in Campervans/Caravans MUST purchase a CAMPING TICKET for each person in your party.

Is this a family friendly event?

Yes, we are determined to make this festival inclusive for the whole family. We firmly believe that we can help inspire the next generation to love music as much as we do.

Call of The Wild is currently sourcing some great activities and events to be taking place during the festival that cater for all ages, please keep an eye open for announcements as we lock in ‘the fun’.

 All Free child places need to be fully registered on arrival to get safety information & wristband. Please do this HERE

When is the camp site open?

Camping opens at 4PM THURSDAY EVENING 23rd May for VIP TICKET holders ONLY. The site will open for ALL ticket holders on FRIDAY 26th May at 8:30am.  All campers must be off site by 11am on Monday 29th May.

Car parking is in designated areas, not beside tents, however the car park is 2-5 minutes walk from the camping area.

More info on camping can be found HERE

Any questions please email info@upstagedlimited.com

What are the rules on alcohol?

No alcohol is allowed in the arena unless purchased within. You can bring your own drinks into the campsite, but, no glass bottles are allowed on site. UNOPENED water bottles are permitted as are your own personal re-usable bottles, please be prepared for them to be checked on entry, there are fresh water taps in the arena area for you to re-fill your bottles.

For further information please email info@upstagedlimited.com

What are the general site rules?

No Disposable BBQ’s.

Charcoal open flame BBQ’s are permitted but MUST be raised off the floor. Camping stoves are permitted but MUST be raised of the ground. This is to comply with the Showground regulations

There will be random car searches upon entry, everyone will be searched upon entry to the arena

Anybody carrying a knife, or drugs, will be removed from site immediately. 

Please respect our staff and crew, we cherish the COTW Team and abuse of any kind will result in your removal from the event.

Where can I get more information?

Please email us on info@upstagedlimited.com

We will be adding more information on this page as we announce different things for the festival.

There will be a detailed set of information sent out to all those attending the festival prior to the event.

To keep up to date with the latest news & announcements, please subscribe to our mailing list.

What taxi services are available?

Direct Cars
T: 01522 567 567
W: https://www.directcars-lincoln.co.uk/


Handsome Cabs
T: 01522 545 352
W: http://www.handsomecabs.co.uk


Taxis Lincoln (Online Booking Service / Directory)
W: https://www.taxislincoln.co.uk/


The Lincolnite Taxi List
W: https://thelincolnite.co.uk/taxi-lincoln/


Taxi pick up will be from the CAR PARK


The purpose of a ROCK Festival is to enjoy the music and enjoy being with friends, making new friends and building memories, we can still do all that, your help make that so much easier so…..get those horns up and join us in celebrating everything that is good about the music we all love in our incredible home at the Lincolnshire Showground.

Call of The Wild Festival has developed a reputation as one of the best independent festivals in the UK, family friendly, great food, outstanding music and an incredible crowd are what makes it THE best event to start festival season off with.

Remember to get your tickets here to make sure you’re able to join us for this much-needed party! We look forward to welcoming you to the Lincolnshire Showground in May for Call of The Wild Festivals 3rd year and as ever we appreciate your ongoing support in these crazy times.

Love & Respect,
Call Of The Wild Festival Team

Welfare issues

Contact the event Control Unit/Security – Call Of The Wild Festival are not to be held responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles and personal possessions. Whilst we hope that none of our attendants would be low enough to damage and steal your possessions please be sensible, only bring with you what you can afford to lose. Lock all valuable possessions in a car glove box. Leave nothing on display to tempt sticky fingers. Do not leave valuable items in your car or tent.

Protect your mobile phone

On your mobile phone key in *#06# and your unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number will be displayed. Make a note of this number so that if you lose your phone or if it is stolen you can contact your service provider to have the phone immobilised. Whilst on site keep it in a buttoned/zipped pocket.

Keep cash and possessions on you

But don’t keep all your money, bank cards and valuables together – spread them around in different pockets. If camping before going to sleep, place them in a plastic bag and hide it in your sleeping bag with you.

Lost persons/Lost property

Contact Event Control or one of our on-site security team

Fire Precautions

In case of fire please note the fire points, fire extinguishers are distributed throughout the showground, but should only be operated by trained personnel. In case of emergency please notify a member of staff and/or security.


No entry will be given without a wristband and wristbands are only valid for the day(s) booked, are non-refundable and may not be exchanged.  Wristbands should be treated as cash and cannot be replaced if lost and must be worn at all times.

There are no refunds for leaving EARLY.  The festival arena must be vacated by 1am Friday & Saturday, midnight on Sunday for those not camping.

Disabled Visitors

We are wheel chair friendly and the parking and camping area is located close to disabled toilets.  You will be allowed to camp near your vehicle.  You need to be aware that some of the event area is on a grass surface, so wheelchair users may need some assistance. You are also welcome to bring a PA/Carer with you free of charge, just email us with their information. 

Any other questions please email us at info@upstagedlimited.com

First Aid & Security

Security for 2024 will be provided by the amazing team from STANCE SECURITY again, they will be in attendance throughout the weekend.  As always, they are approachable and just as committed to the COTW vibe as you guys are.

Our medical cover will once again be provided by your favourite medical team NI SPORTS MEDICS. They are also available for you to have a chat with should you feel the need.



There are NO ATM’s on the site although many of our trader use mobile payment systems. Please ensure you have adequate cash resources. Nearest ATM : Co-op Petrol Stn & Conv Store 43 Riseholme Road, Lincoln LN1 3SN (approx 8 mins)

Vehicle Insurance

All vehicles on site must be road legal and insured.  We reserve the right to refuse entry to any vehicle that does not meet this standard.

No Glassware

No glassware may be brought into the Campsite or Arena.


Any unauthorised selling or trading is strictly forbidden and those responsible will be removed from the event. Anyone wishing to trade at Call of The Wild please email info@upstagedlimited.com 

Photography, Video and Audio Recording

Photography and video recording is allowed for personal social media.  Any form of recording for commercial purposes requires the express permission of Call Of The Wild Festival Ltd.  Unauthorised commercial use of video, audio, photography or other recording will be subject to retrospective licensing fees.  Your attendance at the event is on the understanding that pictures or video obtained by official press photographers and videographers may be used for promotion or future events and/or media publication or broadcast. OFFICIAL PRESS ACCREDITATION can be applied for HERE

Programme of Events

We reserve the right to alter or amend the programme of events at any time.  All bands, exhibitors and attractions are booked in good faith and details are correct at the time of going to press.


Call Of The Wild Festival Ltd will not accept any responsibility for damage to or loss of property, including vehicles, at the event.  We will not accept liability for personal damages, loss or injuries sustained at the event.  We reserve the right to alter, amend or cancel any part of the event and/or Terms and Conditions, without prior notice.

Anyone found disrespecting our visitors, our event, our staff and our simple rules will be asked to leave the event for the benefit and safety of others.


There are many roles available to get you involved in the festival, such as Parking attendants, Guidance/Litter Pickers, Runners and more. All come with a complimentary weekend wristband. Drop us a message with details using the form HERE and the team will get back to you


Advertise your product from £15 for 2m × 3.5m space on Heras fencing. Banners or Waterproof posters. Please email us with ADVERTISING as your subject at info@upstagedlimited.com



If you would like to cover Call Of The Wild Festival, please complete the application form HERE in order to register your interest


If you have young children attending, please complete the following form per child. This is so we can safely reconcile any lost children & also have a register for fire safety/evacuation purpose. Please use the form HERE in order to register them for the event


For further information on camping, including additional queries, please click HERE