Keeping you safe at call of the wild festival

To The Wolfpack,    

Call Of The Wild Festival is pleased to announce our Health and Safety measures and layout changes to ensure COTW 2021 is not just an incredible weekend, but one that is as safe as we can make it for our audience.    

We are creating a fully outdoor, managed environment so that you can enjoy a festival in the way you love, whilst we do all we can to help keep you safe. Being a managed and monitored site doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your Call Of The Wild Festival weekend to the fullest extent.  

We need to work as a team, this includes you to work alongside us while on the festival site, and follow all guidance as you would in current everyday life. There is a level of public responsibility to remain socially distanced so that we can keep help keep everyone safe. Call Of The Wild Festival is one of the only festivals that will be proceeding in 2020, and that’s because although we are a small festival, behind it lies a team that is one of the best in the business, and we have an audience that are rockers that understand the importance of events like this in helping us all transition to some form of normalcy. We are setting a precedent on how an event can operate safely in these crazy times, whilst still retaining that COTW Vibe that we hold so dearly to our hearts. WE NEED YOUR HELP;  

FIRST THINGS 1st; Nobody should attend the event if:   

They are experiencing symptoms common to Covid19 (high temperature, continuous cough, loss of taste or smell)   
They or anyone in their family has had symptoms in the last 14 days   
They have been contacted by the official Test, Trace, Isolate Service   
In all the above cases, people should isolate as necessary.   

To mitigate transmission and impact we expect everyone to remain vigilant and dedicated to the most Covid secure environment possible. Everyone must follow social distancing and hygiene measures in place throughout their stay on site. In areas where you are asked to wear a face mask, it is not a request, it is an instruction. IF you cannot follow that instruction you WILL NOT be allowed access to those areas.  

Although we will provide greatly enhanced washing facilities and hand sanitiser on site, all guests should bring:   

Hand sanitiser and cleaning materials for their camping arrangements   
Face coverings. You are required to wear these upon arrival until you are camped up, and when you use the bars, visit traders or are in the 1st few rows in front of the stages.  

At Call Of The Wild Festival you must cohere with social distancing measures and always maintain social distancing of 2m with people you do not live with.   

To avoid risks of transmission and stay as safe as possible, you should:   

Only socialise outdoors in a group of up to six people from different households, or in larger groups if everyone is exclusively from one or two households   
Limit your interaction with anyone outside the group you are attending with, even if you see other people you know.   
Wear a face covering if you cannot achieve 2m from anyone outside your group   

We are blessed with an incredible amount of space at Call Of The Wild Festival, so the campsites will be much larger, allowing you to spread yourselves out, giving yourself much more space to camp out under the stars. For those that already know the festival, the Cloven Hoof stage will now be an outdoor stage, set up beside the The Roadcrew Kilmister main stage. This will enable you to pop up your chair or your picnic blanket for the day and be able to see both stages WITHOUT moving and also keep at least 2m away from other groups.   

In any busy areas such as entrances to the arena and in the toilet blocks there will be one way systems in place in order to keep you socially distanced. We ask that you take your time, queue responsibly and give your fellow pack members the space they need.  

Bars, Food and Retail Traders will have lines and hand sanitiser readily available, just like the supermarkets and shops so that you keep socially distanced and the same as we’ve all been used to since March. You should wear face coverings when queuing for drinks or food to keep those around you safe.  

Keeping you safe at call of the wild festival

When you arrive, you will be directed to the car park. Once out of your car, and queuing for the box office/ticket checks, we shall ask you to carry out a temperature check. If you are over 38deg we will ask you to step aside and take a drink of water and relax for 10 minutes before undertaking the check again. Once clear of the temperature check, you will then get to the box office tent, your tickets will be checked, wristbands handed to you (not put on by us as we usually do, but we will ask you to put them on in front of us) and you’ll be able to set up your camping and get ready for the fantastic weekend ahead. If you’re in a live-in vehicle it’ll be the same process, but temperature and ticket checks will be conducted through an open window as far as possible. You will then be handed your wristbands through your vehicle window and then directed to park up for the weekend. It is advised that Campervan/Caravan owners use their OWN Toilet and Showering facilities as much as possible to reduce possible queues at toilet blocks. 

Portaloos will be used at COTW for the 1st time, additional full cleaning services will be ongoing throughout the day of individual Portaloos, toilet/shower blocks, press areas and the Festival control area. ALL these areas will also be treated with anti-viral ULV fogging (as used by the NHS) at the end of each day, each unit WILL be closed to the public for 30 mins whilst this happens. 

You should sanitise your hands before using toilets and wash them after leaving. We recommend washing hands frequently throughout the day with soap and water as well as keeping your hands sanitised as much as possible, especially before eating. Good hand hygiene is of course key to preventing transmission of all sorts of diseases.  

Be conscious of all common ‘touch points’ such as contactless card readers, work surfaces etc. Keep personal equipment such as phones, camping equipment for your sole use. Do not share equipment outside your household group. Traders will wipe all surfaces you may need to touch.  

We ask that you PUT YOUR RUBBISH in the bins provided, DO NOT leave it for someone else to clear. Cleaning staff throughout the site shall regularly wipe down tables and picnic benches, as well as other common touch points as far as we can identify. The virus tends to deactivate quickly on porous surfaces such as paper, card and wood. Bins will be emptied as frequently as necessary and touch points wiped.  


The purpose of a ROCK Festival is to enjoy the music and enjoy being with friends, making new friends and building memories, we can still do all that, your help make that so much easier so.....get those horns up and join us in celebrating everything that is good about the music we all love in our incredible home at the Lincolnshire Showground.  

The measures in place may be added to to meet with any changes to government guidelines.  

Remember to get your tickets here to make sure you're able to join us for this much-needed party! We look forward to welcoming you to the Lincolnshire Showground in September for Call of The Wild Festivals 2nd year and as ever we appreciate your ongoing support in these crazy times.  

Love & Respect,  
Call Of The Wild Festival Team